Shards of Eberron

In the eye of the storm

The Grim Dwarf leaned in to deliver his message to the Gargoyle. “Tell your mistress, our blood debt is paid, we want no further trouble with her.” Leaning back to let the creature escape Travok looked at the scene around him. Kriv and Tabitha were moving to search the bodies of their defeated opponents. Wike seemed a little worse for wear although the healing word seemed to have done him some good. They all could use some rest. Rest and an opportunity to decide what came next.
Sharn was a dangerous place and especially so for them. Ever since they came into possession of that damned Schema they seemed to move about with targets on their backs.The Lord of Blades, House Tarkanan and the Daask gang. Powerful entities who seemed to move with impunity in the city of towers. All wanted the Schema all for their own purpose and all seemed to believe that Travok and his companions were the key to obtaining it. Perhaps the only option was to get it back and destroy it. Curse the decision to deliver it to the Tarkanans, getting it back might well be impossible.
On the journey back to their quarters Travok considered his companions. He smiled and shook his head as his gaze fell upon Kriv. The Dragonborns ability to soak up and deliver damage never ceased to amaze him. Until the opportunity came to avenge his family Kriv was the rock he could lean on in any difficulty. Wike, walking alongside Tabitha was somewhat less of a mystery now. The lad had proven himself stalwart and the years spent running the streets of Sharn had provided him with skills and contacts none of the others could hope to obtain. There was that habit of talking to himself, or was it his weapon he spoke to? Tabitha was a jewel of many facets. Apple of her fathers eye and loyal daughter, capable of great arcane power she stills seemed somewhat obsessed with gaining more. While knowledge always had its inherent value. The source of where it was obtained might yet exact a cost that was difficult to pay. Travok sighed and shifted his warhammer on his shoulder maybe he could protect her from that, maybe like he, she would do things the hard way.

DM’s Notes
Level 4 Item – Armor – Wike
1,000 GP (from selling troll blood)

Everyone advances to level 4

Red Rover, Red Rover
Send Daask Right Over


The chanting of the crowd in the arena was deafening. Travok and Tabitha goaded them on, encouraging them to root for their friend as he entered the arena. Kriv was a local favorite in the gladiator pits of lower Sharn. Down here, the heat of the Cogs made it seem like the arena was put in the middle of the desert, but that didn’t seem to bother any of the spectators. They strained and yelled for a chance to see their local champion as he strode proudly out to the center of the arena and took his place. They only quieted as the announcer stepped up to the speaking stone, and began to recite the bout’s introduction.

“Ladies, and Gentlemen, Goblins, and Halflings, Warforged of all ages… Welcome to the Main Event! The Greater Cogs Arena proudly brings to you, The Mauler of Malleon’s Gate… The Fearmonger of Fallen… The Callestan Crusher… The undisputed Champion of Lower Dura… krrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIV!!!!!”

“And coming to you straight from an all you can eat grist mill in Tavick’s Landing, The Bi-Cranial Butcher of Black Arch… The Twin Terror of Terminus… The Wroann’s Gate Wrecking Balls… The tag-team sensation that’s sweeping the nation… The Ettin!!!!”

At this a monstrous two-headed monster lumbers through the gate, and begins charging towards Kriv. The Dragonborn braced himself for the first attack. He knew he was durable, but an Ettin was a creature he had never dealt with before. The Ettin had the advantage of two minds, working in concert to batter down Kriv. The battle was intense. Kriv gave as good as he got in the battle, but with two attacks coming at him every moment, he was fading faster than they were. Tabitha and Travok stirred the crowd into a frenzy, giving Kriv the boost of adrenaline he needed to keep battling. The Ettin wasn’t afraid. With a snarl, the creature went to give Kriv a double-head-butt. Kriv saw his chance and ducked out of the way. The Ettin knocked it’s two heads together, missing Kriv entirely! With both heads momentarily dazed, Kriv moved in for the finishing blow, and defeated the Ettin.

As the excitement of the battle begins to wane, Kriv directs the party-goes to a nearby casino. Little do they know that his actual motive, along with the rest of the group, is to find the shifter, Red. Wike was able to find out that he hung out here a lot, and was addicted to gambling. As a known associate of Shiv, taking Red out would send a message to the crafty goblin, and let him know that they were coming for him. Unfortunately, this particular casino happened to be under the ownership of House Phiarlan, and it came with some shadowy guards that did not appreciate our group of heroes using their establishment as a battle ground.

However, their interest only went so far as protecting their own. Once the group was able to draw Red outside, the shadow guard withdrew, and left the adventurers to deal with Red as they pleased. Soon, the shifter’s fur was colored red with his own blood.

It was then that Wike revealed that he had set up a second meeting that night, and that they were to meet with Cavanah, the leader of the Sharn cell of Daask, posing as buyer’s of Dragon’s Blood.


Dan – 500 GP gladiator

Red – 500 GP in assorted gems and coins

Level 6 Item – Tabitha (amulet? neck slot)

The Airship Job, Part 2
Revenge of Daask

As our heroes began to fly away on the airship, they were quickly pursued by the guards of House Lyrandar. The ritual to create the soarsleds took long enough for everyone to catch a short rest, but soon, the chase was on.

The archers of House Lyrandar were a constant threat, but nothing to be too concerned about. It wasn’t until Daask decided to join in that the battle grew dire. A bugbear on the deck was a constant threat, and the aerial attacks of the gargoyle made the battle a close one. Kriv was able to handle the Bugbear, while Travok protected the captain.

Tabitha spotted the goblin, Shiv, and hurled her most powerful magic at him, hoping to end his life. She didn’t meet her goal, but she did manage to get the Gargoyle to abandon the combat.

Wike traded blows with multiple targets, and helped to keep the archers at bay. At one point, Kriv managed to commandeer a soarsled, and take out the other archers. They managed to recover a ritual to generate more soarsleds.

The airship landed out near the Kingswood, and the group was portaled back to Sharn. They went home, after a job well done. The group did a bit of research on the land of Q’barra, where the Black Scale operate, as well as looking for other Daask operatives. They also spread some rumors that Daask was responsible for the airship job.

And just as Wike opened the door, he saw a metallic fist flying towards his face…

Ritual Scroll – Soarsled – Creates a glowing blue disk under the feet of each ally within 5 squares. Gives ally a fly speed of 8 (no hover) for 30 minutes. (worth 25 GP)
Level 4 – Armor for Kriv
Level 3 – Safewing Amulet for Wike

Lady E gave them 400 GP total

Chris paid for 3 more weeks 63 gp +4gp tip

The Airship Job
We Provide Leverage

In the wake of the successful schema heist, Lady Elaydren has held up her end of the deal with Kriv and provided him with some information about the Black Scales. She then gave them a new job. This time, the group was asked to steal an airship called The Why Knot. They must take a captain supplied by House Tarkanan with them, and ensure his survival.

Travok was approached by Sgt. Dolom about infiltrating House Tarkanan. Sgt. Dolom has interrogated the warforged assassin, and found that Bonal Geldam had vital information about some schema, and that it was of interest for the Lord of Blades. Dolomwants to ensure the safety of the people. He has heard from an insider source that House Tarkanan has obtained it, and he suspects they have less than noble motives. Travok declined the offer to be an active spy, but said he would tell Dolomif he found anything troubling.

The group spends a day gathering information about the dock tower, and learning the best way to get in and out. They decide to try and take the captain up with stealth, using Tabitha’s unique abilities to get them close. Wike and the Tarkanan captain act as her entourage. Travok stays on the ground, ready to act as a backup, and Kriv decides that he’s going to make a dramatic entrance to try and cause confusion among the guards, and give the rest of the group time to get aboard the ship and take control.

Against all odds, the plan works. The group gets control of the ship, picks up Travok and heads off out of the city. Unfortunately, the guards aren’t giving up the chase. They have gathered a few floating disks and are coming after the Why Knot.

Choosing Teams
Who's side are you really on?

The group went and met with Lady Elaydren at the Broken Anvil Tavern. They delivered the Schema and found out a bit more about House Tarkanan’s motives.

Lady Elaydren claims that House Tarkanan is fighting for civil rights for the bearers of Aberrant Dragonmarks. According to her, the child, Squeeks, was beaten over her bearing such a mark, and was going to be killed, if she hadn’t stepped in. Lady Elaydren says that House Tarkanan provides Squeeks, and others like her with food, shelter, and protection from the outside world.

She invited the group to join her as an ally, and the group accepted the offer. Lady Elaydren had Squeek’s pet rat stay with Tabitha in order to keep an eye on them.

During the negotiations, the party found out that the Boromar Clan was also out to get them. The halfling squad didn’t prove to be much of a challenge, but they did force Lady Elaydren to use her powers publicly, risking exposure of her Aberrant Mark. After the battle, they took the hidden passage out of the Broken Anvil tavern, and then parted ways.

When the party arrives home, they find a note on the door. “Daddy Is With Us. Bring the Schema to Shamukaar. No Watchmen.” Wike knows that Shamukaar is a Daask meeting area, known for its strict enforcement of its neutrality. Once there, they find the same goblin that Tabitha threw off a building. They learned that his name was Shiv, and that he was a member of Daask.

Shiv informed Wike that Daask was not interested in making an enemy of him or his friends. They were only interested in putting a hole in House Tarkanan’s plans. He also tried to warn Wike against trusting House Tarkanan.

Sure, they were a little upset over the death of their half-orc friend, but that was something they were willing to look past, as long as they could do business. Wike exchanged a fake schema that Kriv had crafted in exchange for Taylin Algers. They managed to leave without the fake being discovered, or anyone getting their head split open. Overall, not a bad trade. The only problem is that they know who Taylin is, and they are surely going to be angry when they discover the Schema is a fake.

What will Daask do to retaliate for being tricked?
Why is Boromar interested in the schema?
Has the Lord of Blades given up his claim?
Will House Cannith discover who stole the schema?
When will Lady Elaydren reveal what House Tarkanan intends to use the schema for?
Can anyone be trusted?

Everyone gained 20 GP from the Boromar halflings.
Taylin is now under the protection of House Ghallandra and Denieth for the price of 3 GP per day.

Everyone is now at Level 2, with 1000 XP.

Seeking a Shard
The first steps on the road to adventure.

Our heroes were hired by Lady Elaydren to find a Schema, and return it to her. She was willing to pay the hefty sum of 150 Galifars for each member of the party, if the mission was successful.

Using a book recovered from Bonal Geldam’s body, she discerned that the location of the schema was a secret Cannith storage facility.

The group agreed to the task, without knowing much about their employer. On the way, they stopped at a Dreaming House, where Wike had some contacts and learned that Lady Elaydren was actually of House Tarkanan, known to be a group of thieves and assassins. They considered abandoning the quest, but knowing who their employer was, they decided it was better to avoid making enemies of a group of assassins.

Proceeding to the storage facility, Tabithafound that Geldam’snotebook noted that there was more activity at the place lately, and that there might be more to the place than a simple warehouse. Proceeding with caution, they entered and found a pair of Dolgaunts waiting for them. The Dolgaunt monks lept over a balcony and proceeded to warn a Cannith magewright of the intrusion.

A fierce battle took place, and the magewright was forced to retreat to a room that was being used as some sort of labratory. The schema was there, and he was trying to make his stand here. Ultimately, he was defeated, but it turned out that the schema was being targeted by multiple groups, as a goblin, a shifter, a half-orc, and a gargoyle worked together to try and steal the schema from under our heroes’ noses.

The goblin had snuck in through a window in the middle of the fight, but was spotted as he tried to leave through the same window. Tabitha managed to grab him before he got away, but she couldn’t stop him from tossing the schema to his half-orc companion, who was standing at the balcony of the next floor.

Kriv launched himself up the side of the wall to engage the half-orc, nearly falling off the building himself in the process. He managed to pull himself up, fighting the half-orc the entire time, over control of the schema.

Meanwhile, Wike and Travokran for the stairs to help their friend. Tabitha, still holding the goblin, decided to let him go. Literally. She dropped him out of the window, and watched him fall. She was slightly annoyed when a Gargoyle swooped down from the roof of the building and caught the goblin in midair, flying him away to safety. She cursed the goblin and the gargoyle, then ran off after her friends.

The Half-Orc had finally managed to free himself from Kriv’sgrasp, with the schema, and he turned to flee, but he was greeted by Travok’sattack. Not wanting to deal with all 4 of them at once, the Half-Orc ran to the front door. He was almost free. His shifter friend had a skyboat, and he was coming in to pick up the Half-Orc. In only moments, they would escape.

Tabitha, still angry over losing the goblin, summoned her most powerful spell, and immolated the Half-Orc before he could escape. The shifter, seeing his friends fate, paused for a moment, considering whether he would be able to get the schema before they got to him. Wike was already at the door though, and taunted the shifter. The shifter snarled in response and threw a dagger at Wike’s face, barely missing him, before turning the ship around and giving up on the schema.

The party returned the schema to Lady Elaydren, receieved their full payment, as well as a few items they found in the Cannith warehouse.

But questions still remain.

Who were those monstrous thieves?
What was their interest in the schema?
Does the Lord of Blades still have agents lurking in Sharn?
What does the schema actually do?
Why did Lady Elaydren want it to begin with?

150 GP each
Tabitha- Level 5 magic item (Staff of Wind +1)
Wike – Level 4 magic item (Rod of Wrathful Dismissal +1)
Travok- Level 2 magic item (Amulet of Physical Resolve +1)

Character Creation
Building a Foundation

Everyone started off by building character, and ties with other characters. I specifically asked for everyone to create ties to at least 2 other characters. In the end, the party was built as a pseudo-family of sorts.

Emalyn – Tabitha
Dan – Kriv
Chris – Wike
Bill – Travok

Once the characters were created, we got a little action in.

The party was heading home after seeing Krivcompete in a local sporting event, when it began to rain, and they came across a body on one of the skyways of Sharn.

As soon as Tabithatried to take the satchel from the body, the group was attacked by the assassin, who had not left the area yet. It turned out to be a Warforged agent of the Lord of Blades. The group soundly thrashed the assassin, but they were quickly confronted by the City Watch. Fortunately, they were able to talk their way out of getting arrested, but they have gathered the attention of Sargent Dolom, who has warned them to avoid any further vigilante activities.

As they left the scene, Tabithamanaged to procure the satchel that the dead man had been holding. Inside, she found a book with blank pages, but that radiated strong magic. It also had a set of identification papers, informing her that the man’s name was Bonal Geldam.

Once they were away from the guards, they were approached by a shady figure, with a Cannith Signet ring. The symbol on the ring had been badly scratched. The figure asked them to go to the Broken Anvil tavern at dawn, if they wanted to learn the truth about Bonal Geldam’s murder.

Now the group must decide what to do. Will they keep the appointment? Will they turn the information over to the guards?

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