Shards of Eberron

Character Creation

Building a Foundation

Everyone started off by building character, and ties with other characters. I specifically asked for everyone to create ties to at least 2 other characters. In the end, the party was built as a pseudo-family of sorts.

Emalyn – Tabitha
Dan – Kriv
Chris – Wike
Bill – Travok

Once the characters were created, we got a little action in.

The party was heading home after seeing Krivcompete in a local sporting event, when it began to rain, and they came across a body on one of the skyways of Sharn.

As soon as Tabithatried to take the satchel from the body, the group was attacked by the assassin, who had not left the area yet. It turned out to be a Warforged agent of the Lord of Blades. The group soundly thrashed the assassin, but they were quickly confronted by the City Watch. Fortunately, they were able to talk their way out of getting arrested, but they have gathered the attention of Sargent Dolom, who has warned them to avoid any further vigilante activities.

As they left the scene, Tabithamanaged to procure the satchel that the dead man had been holding. Inside, she found a book with blank pages, but that radiated strong magic. It also had a set of identification papers, informing her that the man’s name was Bonal Geldam.

Once they were away from the guards, they were approached by a shady figure, with a Cannith Signet ring. The symbol on the ring had been badly scratched. The figure asked them to go to the Broken Anvil tavern at dawn, if they wanted to learn the truth about Bonal Geldam’s murder.

Now the group must decide what to do. Will they keep the appointment? Will they turn the information over to the guards?


Ahem, it’s umm Travok

Character Creation

Fixed. Thanks.

Character Creation
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