Shards of Eberron

Choosing Teams

Who's side are you really on?

The group went and met with Lady Elaydren at the Broken Anvil Tavern. They delivered the Schema and found out a bit more about House Tarkanan’s motives.

Lady Elaydren claims that House Tarkanan is fighting for civil rights for the bearers of Aberrant Dragonmarks. According to her, the child, Squeeks, was beaten over her bearing such a mark, and was going to be killed, if she hadn’t stepped in. Lady Elaydren says that House Tarkanan provides Squeeks, and others like her with food, shelter, and protection from the outside world.

She invited the group to join her as an ally, and the group accepted the offer. Lady Elaydren had Squeek’s pet rat stay with Tabitha in order to keep an eye on them.

During the negotiations, the party found out that the Boromar Clan was also out to get them. The halfling squad didn’t prove to be much of a challenge, but they did force Lady Elaydren to use her powers publicly, risking exposure of her Aberrant Mark. After the battle, they took the hidden passage out of the Broken Anvil tavern, and then parted ways.

When the party arrives home, they find a note on the door. “Daddy Is With Us. Bring the Schema to Shamukaar. No Watchmen.” Wike knows that Shamukaar is a Daask meeting area, known for its strict enforcement of its neutrality. Once there, they find the same goblin that Tabitha threw off a building. They learned that his name was Shiv, and that he was a member of Daask.

Shiv informed Wike that Daask was not interested in making an enemy of him or his friends. They were only interested in putting a hole in House Tarkanan’s plans. He also tried to warn Wike against trusting House Tarkanan.

Sure, they were a little upset over the death of their half-orc friend, but that was something they were willing to look past, as long as they could do business. Wike exchanged a fake schema that Kriv had crafted in exchange for Taylin Algers. They managed to leave without the fake being discovered, or anyone getting their head split open. Overall, not a bad trade. The only problem is that they know who Taylin is, and they are surely going to be angry when they discover the Schema is a fake.

What will Daask do to retaliate for being tricked?
Why is Boromar interested in the schema?
Has the Lord of Blades given up his claim?
Will House Cannith discover who stole the schema?
When will Lady Elaydren reveal what House Tarkanan intends to use the schema for?
Can anyone be trusted?

Everyone gained 20 GP from the Boromar halflings.
Taylin is now under the protection of House Ghallandra and Denieth for the price of 3 GP per day.

Everyone is now at Level 2, with 1000 XP.


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