Shards of Eberron

Seeking a Shard

The first steps on the road to adventure.

Our heroes were hired by Lady Elaydren to find a Schema, and return it to her. She was willing to pay the hefty sum of 150 Galifars for each member of the party, if the mission was successful.

Using a book recovered from Bonal Geldam’s body, she discerned that the location of the schema was a secret Cannith storage facility.

The group agreed to the task, without knowing much about their employer. On the way, they stopped at a Dreaming House, where Wike had some contacts and learned that Lady Elaydren was actually of House Tarkanan, known to be a group of thieves and assassins. They considered abandoning the quest, but knowing who their employer was, they decided it was better to avoid making enemies of a group of assassins.

Proceeding to the storage facility, Tabithafound that Geldam’snotebook noted that there was more activity at the place lately, and that there might be more to the place than a simple warehouse. Proceeding with caution, they entered and found a pair of Dolgaunts waiting for them. The Dolgaunt monks lept over a balcony and proceeded to warn a Cannith magewright of the intrusion.

A fierce battle took place, and the magewright was forced to retreat to a room that was being used as some sort of labratory. The schema was there, and he was trying to make his stand here. Ultimately, he was defeated, but it turned out that the schema was being targeted by multiple groups, as a goblin, a shifter, a half-orc, and a gargoyle worked together to try and steal the schema from under our heroes’ noses.

The goblin had snuck in through a window in the middle of the fight, but was spotted as he tried to leave through the same window. Tabitha managed to grab him before he got away, but she couldn’t stop him from tossing the schema to his half-orc companion, who was standing at the balcony of the next floor.

Kriv launched himself up the side of the wall to engage the half-orc, nearly falling off the building himself in the process. He managed to pull himself up, fighting the half-orc the entire time, over control of the schema.

Meanwhile, Wike and Travokran for the stairs to help their friend. Tabitha, still holding the goblin, decided to let him go. Literally. She dropped him out of the window, and watched him fall. She was slightly annoyed when a Gargoyle swooped down from the roof of the building and caught the goblin in midair, flying him away to safety. She cursed the goblin and the gargoyle, then ran off after her friends.

The Half-Orc had finally managed to free himself from Kriv’sgrasp, with the schema, and he turned to flee, but he was greeted by Travok’sattack. Not wanting to deal with all 4 of them at once, the Half-Orc ran to the front door. He was almost free. His shifter friend had a skyboat, and he was coming in to pick up the Half-Orc. In only moments, they would escape.

Tabitha, still angry over losing the goblin, summoned her most powerful spell, and immolated the Half-Orc before he could escape. The shifter, seeing his friends fate, paused for a moment, considering whether he would be able to get the schema before they got to him. Wike was already at the door though, and taunted the shifter. The shifter snarled in response and threw a dagger at Wike’s face, barely missing him, before turning the ship around and giving up on the schema.

The party returned the schema to Lady Elaydren, receieved their full payment, as well as a few items they found in the Cannith warehouse.

But questions still remain.

Who were those monstrous thieves?
What was their interest in the schema?
Does the Lord of Blades still have agents lurking in Sharn?
What does the schema actually do?
Why did Lady Elaydren want it to begin with?

150 GP each
Tabitha- Level 5 magic item (Staff of Wind +1)
Wike – Level 4 magic item (Rod of Wrathful Dismissal +1)
Travok- Level 2 magic item (Amulet of Physical Resolve +1)


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