Shards of Eberron

The Airship Job

We Provide Leverage

In the wake of the successful schema heist, Lady Elaydren has held up her end of the deal with Kriv and provided him with some information about the Black Scales. She then gave them a new job. This time, the group was asked to steal an airship called The Why Knot. They must take a captain supplied by House Tarkanan with them, and ensure his survival.

Travok was approached by Sgt. Dolom about infiltrating House Tarkanan. Sgt. Dolom has interrogated the warforged assassin, and found that Bonal Geldam had vital information about some schema, and that it was of interest for the Lord of Blades. Dolomwants to ensure the safety of the people. He has heard from an insider source that House Tarkanan has obtained it, and he suspects they have less than noble motives. Travok declined the offer to be an active spy, but said he would tell Dolomif he found anything troubling.

The group spends a day gathering information about the dock tower, and learning the best way to get in and out. They decide to try and take the captain up with stealth, using Tabitha’s unique abilities to get them close. Wike and the Tarkanan captain act as her entourage. Travok stays on the ground, ready to act as a backup, and Kriv decides that he’s going to make a dramatic entrance to try and cause confusion among the guards, and give the rest of the group time to get aboard the ship and take control.

Against all odds, the plan works. The group gets control of the ship, picks up Travok and heads off out of the city. Unfortunately, the guards aren’t giving up the chase. They have gathered a few floating disks and are coming after the Why Knot.


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