Shards of Eberron

In the eye of the storm

The Grim Dwarf leaned in to deliver his message to the Gargoyle. “Tell your mistress, our blood debt is paid, we want no further trouble with her.” Leaning back to let the creature escape Travok looked at the scene around him. Kriv and Tabitha were moving to search the bodies of their defeated opponents. Wike seemed a little worse for wear although the healing word seemed to have done him some good. They all could use some rest. Rest and an opportunity to decide what came next.
Sharn was a dangerous place and especially so for them. Ever since they came into possession of that damned Schema they seemed to move about with targets on their backs.The Lord of Blades, House Tarkanan and the Daask gang. Powerful entities who seemed to move with impunity in the city of towers. All wanted the Schema all for their own purpose and all seemed to believe that Travok and his companions were the key to obtaining it. Perhaps the only option was to get it back and destroy it. Curse the decision to deliver it to the Tarkanans, getting it back might well be impossible.
On the journey back to their quarters Travok considered his companions. He smiled and shook his head as his gaze fell upon Kriv. The Dragonborns ability to soak up and deliver damage never ceased to amaze him. Until the opportunity came to avenge his family Kriv was the rock he could lean on in any difficulty. Wike, walking alongside Tabitha was somewhat less of a mystery now. The lad had proven himself stalwart and the years spent running the streets of Sharn had provided him with skills and contacts none of the others could hope to obtain. There was that habit of talking to himself, or was it his weapon he spoke to? Tabitha was a jewel of many facets. Apple of her fathers eye and loyal daughter, capable of great arcane power she stills seemed somewhat obsessed with gaining more. While knowledge always had its inherent value. The source of where it was obtained might yet exact a cost that was difficult to pay. Travok sighed and shifted his warhammer on his shoulder maybe he could protect her from that, maybe like he, she would do things the hard way.

DM’s Notes
Level 4 Item – Armor – Wike
1,000 GP (from selling troll blood)

Everyone advances to level 4


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