Shards of Eberron

Red Rover, Red Rover

Send Daask Right Over


The chanting of the crowd in the arena was deafening. Travok and Tabitha goaded them on, encouraging them to root for their friend as he entered the arena. Kriv was a local favorite in the gladiator pits of lower Sharn. Down here, the heat of the Cogs made it seem like the arena was put in the middle of the desert, but that didn’t seem to bother any of the spectators. They strained and yelled for a chance to see their local champion as he strode proudly out to the center of the arena and took his place. They only quieted as the announcer stepped up to the speaking stone, and began to recite the bout’s introduction.

“Ladies, and Gentlemen, Goblins, and Halflings, Warforged of all ages… Welcome to the Main Event! The Greater Cogs Arena proudly brings to you, The Mauler of Malleon’s Gate… The Fearmonger of Fallen… The Callestan Crusher… The undisputed Champion of Lower Dura… krrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIV!!!!!”

“And coming to you straight from an all you can eat grist mill in Tavick’s Landing, The Bi-Cranial Butcher of Black Arch… The Twin Terror of Terminus… The Wroann’s Gate Wrecking Balls… The tag-team sensation that’s sweeping the nation… The Ettin!!!!”

At this a monstrous two-headed monster lumbers through the gate, and begins charging towards Kriv. The Dragonborn braced himself for the first attack. He knew he was durable, but an Ettin was a creature he had never dealt with before. The Ettin had the advantage of two minds, working in concert to batter down Kriv. The battle was intense. Kriv gave as good as he got in the battle, but with two attacks coming at him every moment, he was fading faster than they were. Tabitha and Travok stirred the crowd into a frenzy, giving Kriv the boost of adrenaline he needed to keep battling. The Ettin wasn’t afraid. With a snarl, the creature went to give Kriv a double-head-butt. Kriv saw his chance and ducked out of the way. The Ettin knocked it’s two heads together, missing Kriv entirely! With both heads momentarily dazed, Kriv moved in for the finishing blow, and defeated the Ettin.

As the excitement of the battle begins to wane, Kriv directs the party-goes to a nearby casino. Little do they know that his actual motive, along with the rest of the group, is to find the shifter, Red. Wike was able to find out that he hung out here a lot, and was addicted to gambling. As a known associate of Shiv, taking Red out would send a message to the crafty goblin, and let him know that they were coming for him. Unfortunately, this particular casino happened to be under the ownership of House Phiarlan, and it came with some shadowy guards that did not appreciate our group of heroes using their establishment as a battle ground.

However, their interest only went so far as protecting their own. Once the group was able to draw Red outside, the shadow guard withdrew, and left the adventurers to deal with Red as they pleased. Soon, the shifter’s fur was colored red with his own blood.

It was then that Wike revealed that he had set up a second meeting that night, and that they were to meet with Cavanah, the leader of the Sharn cell of Daask, posing as buyer’s of Dragon’s Blood.


Dan – 500 GP gladiator

Red – 500 GP in assorted gems and coins

Level 6 Item – Tabitha (amulet? neck slot)


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