Shards of Eberron

The Airship Job, Part 2

Revenge of Daask

As our heroes began to fly away on the airship, they were quickly pursued by the guards of House Lyrandar. The ritual to create the soarsleds took long enough for everyone to catch a short rest, but soon, the chase was on.

The archers of House Lyrandar were a constant threat, but nothing to be too concerned about. It wasn’t until Daask decided to join in that the battle grew dire. A bugbear on the deck was a constant threat, and the aerial attacks of the gargoyle made the battle a close one. Kriv was able to handle the Bugbear, while Travok protected the captain.

Tabitha spotted the goblin, Shiv, and hurled her most powerful magic at him, hoping to end his life. She didn’t meet her goal, but she did manage to get the Gargoyle to abandon the combat.

Wike traded blows with multiple targets, and helped to keep the archers at bay. At one point, Kriv managed to commandeer a soarsled, and take out the other archers. They managed to recover a ritual to generate more soarsleds.

The airship landed out near the Kingswood, and the group was portaled back to Sharn. They went home, after a job well done. The group did a bit of research on the land of Q’barra, where the Black Scale operate, as well as looking for other Daask operatives. They also spread some rumors that Daask was responsible for the airship job.

And just as Wike opened the door, he saw a metallic fist flying towards his face…

Ritual Scroll – Soarsled – Creates a glowing blue disk under the feet of each ally within 5 squares. Gives ally a fly speed of 8 (no hover) for 30 minutes. (worth 25 GP)
Level 4 – Armor for Kriv
Level 3 – Safewing Amulet for Wike

Lady E gave them 400 GP total

Chris paid for 3 more weeks 63 gp +4gp tip


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